What do you do when you get knocked down?

i get knocked down

You get back up again. 😉


So that’s what we’ve been doing. It’s been quite a while since an update – it’s been on my list for some time now and is quite overdue. So once again, thanks to everyone who’s supporting us on this crazy journey. If you’ve been following me on my transplant page, https://www.mylifeline.org/teamkenny/updates my last post was in August. We started that page on the advice of the VA Transplant team and I updated it faithfully during the transplant process. I think I’ll eventually put all future updates there, as it won’t spam everyone like GoFundMe seems to do.

Healthwise, I continue to do well so far – praise God. At last check, only an almost imperceptible marker of the cancer was present. That’s a year after the transplant. Given the progression of my disease, this is really good news. I visit the VA in Milwaukee regularly, get my bone strengthener infusion, labs etc., and have started getting vaccinations. (Since I have a new immune system, my previous vaccinations no longer exist). During recent visits to the VA, I’ve been able to share my transplant experience with a few others about to undergo the procedure. Makes me feel good to be able to answer their questions.

While I was able to work while undergoing treatment, it sure is better to be back home with a quasi-reliable internet connection, and I’m enjoying getting out from time to time for Chamber events, radio club meetings, shopping, etc. With a few important exceptions, most things feel like they’re back to ‘normal’. I know it won’t always be this way, so I’m enjoying it while I can! I especially enjoy being able to take care of the hens – they were pretty much off-limits while my immune system was coming back online.

Financially speaking, well, we’re kinda holding our own for the moment – With the polar vertex came the unfortunate failure of a lateral waterline from our city water main. Naturally, we’re responsible for the cost and we simply didn’t have the money. As usual, the Lord comes through – we were able to cover the immediate cost (which amounted to enough to buy a nice used vehicle) with the help of a family member. Now we’ll just trust God to help me pay them back. Additionally, the VA rejected our first hospital bill claim – a few tens of thousands – which, if we cannot resolve with an appeal, we’ll also be responsible for. That’d be enough to buy a nice NEW car. :(. You know, once upon a time I had really good health insurance that covered everything with a reasonable deductible. ‘Nuff said.

Spiritually – I’m hopeful that now that I’m reasonably resilient, perhaps I’ll be able to move forward with a men’s ministry agenda I’ve had for awhile. Looking for some direction from above with that, so prayers for this and my family’s general well-being are greatly appreciated.

That’s about it for now friends – I’ll post another update after my next doctor visit. We still have tons of ‘regular’ extra expenses, doctor bills (yes, even at the VA), pharmacy bills, fuel for trips to Milwaukee etc., so if you feel led to give feel free to use the GoFundMe link or this one https://www.mylifeline.org/teamkenny/givingangels which doesn’t take a cut and is usable right away.

Thank you so much! — Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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