Update – October 14, 2021

Hey, where’ve you been?

Hi folks – I’ve been meaning to update the blog – but yet again, I’ve dropped the ball. I sorta have an excuse this time though. The last update was in August, right after my last treatment for the second clinical trial. Not much has happened since then, but here are a few notable events:

  • I was feeling very low-energy for weeks after my last treatment. You get used to that while in chemotherapy – and if your hemoglobin gets really low, they’ll give you a transfusion (to me, it seems more like an ‘infusion’) of blood product, which replensihes your system and you feel a significant boost. During a visit, they determined this was not the source of my malaise, so I had to undergo a series of tests – 3 different Covid tests – all negative – and ultimately they gave me some IV fluids and sent me home.
  • While my cancer numbers were really low in August, the protiens have been slowly creeping up. And I had a calcium spike. This does not bode well for a remission. 🙁
  • Doc has added labs in between our regularly scheduled monthly visits until we figure out what’s going on with the cancer.
  • I may just get to have these cataracts taken care of soon. After much research trying to find an insurance-covered ophthalmologist that was actually board-certified with a good record, I was able to score an appointment next week.

More good news – my energy level as of last week is somewhat better. I’ve been able to do some work on our vehicles, and as long as I pace myself, things are okay. Still not good for things like carrying stuff up a few flights of stairs though. That’s when I really feel it.

The not-so-cool department

Man is treatment expensive! Here’s a snapshot of this month’s bill. Almost $45K in one month! Good thing there are ‘Adjustments’, whatever that means. This, on top of the $940 monthly premium for insurance. Yikes! Maybe somebody will throw a fundraiser – hope it’s a brat fry, ’cause I’m starving! 🙂 it’s lunchtime, so I’m calling this update done. More later when I’m more motivated.

Froedtert bill for $3557.07

Thanks again for following me here. — Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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