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Hello, everybody, this is the latest update today is the 30th of August. And my last treatment was Friday. So I think that was the 27th of August. And I say that’s my last treatment. It’s not really my last treatment, but it’s the last scheduled treatment for this clinical trial, which is the second clinical trial I’ve been in.

But before I get into those details, just go ahead and apologize for last week’s update. I have, I have been very lax about updating. And I felt guilty about that. And I was trying to get something out. And so what I thought I would do was try and do something while I was driving home from a treatment and and of course, I didn’t have my thoughts organized. I was watching traffic. And so I wasn’t really focused on what I was talking about. So it was kind of a stream of consciousness thing. And then we had it transcribed. And even though I cleaned it up a little bit, it was still a mess, but I just I just didn’t have time or the inclination or the will to do a better job. And so I apologize for that you guys deserve better than that.

So this week, I’m doing this video, and hopefully this will come off a lot better. So anyway, getting back to my treatment. Yeah, I have been on this clinical trial for the last five months. And it basically involved a series of getting chemo doses, which they called bone marrow preparation, basically, that basically you’re getting chemo to kill cells and stuff like that.

And then, after four rounds of chemo, you would get a round of stem cell or not same cells, but T cell infusions. And those T cells for the T cells that they had drawn from me at the beginning of the study. And it’s sent off to a laboratory to have them modify, they were basically exposed to harsh chemicals to toughen them up as the way they put it. So after five months of that, Friday was my last cell infusion.

So hopefully, we’ll be seeing some good results from that. And my doctor, didn’t Friday say anything about remission, but he did show me the chart of the cancer numbers. And they’re like, he said they’re normal. So I don’t I don’t know how many cancer cells normal people have. But anyway, it’s good. It’s good news. So my cancer is suppressed for the moment. And we’ll see, theoretically, the T cells in my body, which are now stronger than normal T cells will be able to suppress the disease progression for a time. And we’ll just have to see how long that lasts. I’m not going to place any bets on how long it would last. But doc seems to think that it could be a while could be a good while.

So I’ll be looking forward to that. And I’ll be praying for that. Because the less time I spend on the road, going back and forth to chemo appointments and having to recover basically from that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been blessed. Through this whole entire process, I’ve been able to tolerate chemotherapy, rather well. So I’m glad about that. And I am looking forward to a period of remission or remission like state so that I won’t have to spend the time or the energy because it it really does SAP your energy after chemo and stuff especially.

But hopefully getting back to some regular sleep patterns, eating patterns and stuff like that.

And getting some work done. Not that I couldn’t work I’ve been working straight through. But this should open up some more opportunities for doing some things that I haven’t had time to get to or maybe some special projects. So that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I’m not really supposed to be sitting in the sun due to the medications I’m still on and hopefully that will go away pretty soon. A lot of those meds maybe. So hopefully, hopefully things will be better and easier, and I’ll have more time and that’ll be a good thing. that’ll definitely be a good thing.

And once again, I appreciate you guys following me through His journey and reading my updates and giving me you know the words of encouragement and stuff like that. Well, that kind of thing. Hopefully, I can do the same thing for you. I guess that’s about all I got for now.

I’ll still be doing updates, even though I may not be in, let’s say, an active treatment type thing because there’s stuff that happens. I mean, the disease has ramifications, you know, my hips and stuff like that. So we’re still dealing with stuff. But hey, with God, I am not worried about it. Not one little bit. We’ll just roll with it like we always have.

And again, thank you guys for hanging out with there with me and keep looking. Keep watching these updates and stuff. I’ll still put them out. And maybe I’ll put out better ones, especially better than last week. Alrighty. Bye bye.

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Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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