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VA Christmas Tree

Well, good afternoon folks. Ken here, it’s December 23rd so that makes it the day before the day before Christmas. So before I forget let me go ahead and wish you a very merry Christmas.

Okay so today I drove to Green Bay so that I could get an echocardiogram – I believe that’s what they call it – and what the doctors will do is compare today’s test results with the baseline results taken a little more than two years ago. This is just to make sure that the treatment I’m receiving now is not having an adverse effect on my heart or any of its functions.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to go and receive chemotherapy again. Of course, the protocol has been changed to one double treatment one day a week as opposed to the lesser dosage two days a week. It’s hard to say for sure, but after the new protocol, it does seem like I felt a little more tired a little longer than I have on the previous protocol. It could be because I don’t have the benefit of the extra day of steroids.

I did get to talk with my doctor last week a little bit about the clinical trials at Froedert Hospital. He asked if I had acquired insurance. I have not, and although we looked into it there was no way that I would be able to afford even the simplest plan on the budget we’ve got – because I do have some coverage with the VA. Because of that, I would have to pay the full price for the insurance without any offset. With the deductibles sky-high, it just doesn’t make sense to pay an exorbitant monthly fee and a huge deductible just to qualify for a clinical trial that’ll ultimately cost (someone) a cool half-million dollars. Seems a little steep doesn’t it? Perhaps someday the VA will be able to negotiate a fair price and cover it.

Thanks to Robin, I was able to get my chemo nurses a small gift in appreciation of their hard work and taking care of all of us there at the VA. She’s so creative and came up with little ornaments. The staff really liked them.

Thanks for following my updates, even the ones like this, grammatically sketchy (dictated) LOL.

Maybe I’ll have more entertaining news next week. Again, Merry Christmas from Ken and Robin.

May the Lord richly bless you and your family.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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