My white counts recovered nicely is what they tell me, so I was able to get chemo this week. I must confess though, it felt like this treatment really kicked my butt (more than usual). I was really super-tired and out of energy by the time I got home. My sweetie picked up some fish from Culvers which boosted me for about 10 minutes, but then I had the food coma to deal with!

I was starved when I got home – usually I’m able to order lunch while waiting on labs to get back and pharmacy to make up the poison, but this time it was a full house the entire time I was there – from around 11:30 – 2:30. The waiting room was full, so I opted to spend most of that time in the hallway to minimize exposure to others. Even got my pre-treatment steroids in the hall. No lunch for me. Thankfully, they had some crackers.

I did get to bed early with some prompting from Robin, but woke at 10:45. Instead of working tired, this time I opted to watch a little Jason Bourne. All three titles. And an episode of that young guy on Fox News. Finally got back to sleep for almost an hour at 5:00am. Well, some is better than none, right? 😉

Didn’t get to visit Dr. Dhakal this week though, as my “community care” authorization from the VA expired. They called today to let me know I’m back on the roster though, so that’s good. I’ll try to get in soon, maybe next week. That means a special trip to MKE ($$ gas) but better than trying to combine appointments for my next VA clinic on election day. I’m heading out early that day so I can get back home before the fireworks.

Hoping the weather holds out a bit longer, I’ve got one or two outside projects I’d like to make progress on.

Blessings to you – and thanks for reading. — Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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