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A lot can happen in 15 days.

I’ve been enjoying my status of “total remission”, but honestly – I don’t feel anything different. Still have the rib/back pain all. the. time. Was hoping it would go away or at least decrease some. But it’s manageable so I’m good.

Been to the dental clinic twice (see pictures) and working toward getting dentures. They had to make trays, from which they made more accurate trays, from which they’ll at some point create dentures. At this point it looks like it’ll be sometime next year before I actually get to have teeth. Thank goodness for mashed taters, soup, PBJ, and our Ninja mixer, lol! 🙂

Okay, now, for the biggest news since the declaration of TOTAL REMISSION 15 days ago.

My oncologist was worried that if accepted for a transplant, it might be months before I could get scheduled. The plan was that if accepted I’d make a weekend trip to Nashville (where the transplant will happen) so they could collect stem cells from my bone marrow/blood and I’d come home for a month, then go back for a month for the procedure. Well, that’s kinda out the window now…

As you can see in the photo below, I’ve received an info packet from Nashville, which I took as a good sign – that at least I wasn’t excluded.

Today, I had a video conference with the attending physician and a few nurse practitioners, who I presumed would conduct an interview to make sure I’m not a psychopath or lunatic before they made a decision. Turns out they’d already come up with dates for my final tests and procedures! Testing in Nashville begins in 11 days.

Once again, medically speaking, a best case scenario. Praise God! Your prayers (and mine) are being faithfully answered by our Lord. I know my doctor will be ecstatic when he hears this news. He is also a man of faith. I am so blessed.

On the other hand, logistically this presents some challenges, as we were preparing for an event a few months (or more) into the future. So we’re going to hope & pray that some things come together at work and home, and that caregivers can be flexible so that this new timeline can happen.

Now, they’re thinking one trip to Nashville, six weeks start to finish. I have no idea how this is going to play out, but God does.

Friends, once again Robin and I thank you so much for your financial support, it’s made a world of difference. Thank you Randy, for suggesting it. More than anything, thank you all for your prayers as we navigate this trying time in our lives. And please – even though things are going so well, it’s time to kick up the prayer a notch because these next few months will be the most difficult, I’m sure.

I also appreciate all of the comments – this system won’t let me respond to them here, but I try to reply via email if you’ve set it up that way.

May God bless you all, and please know that I think of you often – even if we’ve never met in person yet, you’re a part of my new family. Thank you – and praise God.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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