The Election Day Treatment

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Election Day!

Scheduled a super-early appointment for treatment today so I could be out of Milwaukee before any election-day shenanigans.

It’s kind of a shame to listen to the nurses talk about having to move from their neighborhoods because of the increasing crime in the city, especially of late. I feel sorry for them – they’ve got enough on their plates as ‘essential workers’ to have to worry about stupid stuff like that. Glad I don’t live there.

Had a good breakfast at the VA though. Well, good enough. lol


Sadly, Ashley – the receptionist at my clinic is getting a promotion elsewhere in the hospital. Good for her though. I’ll miss her – she’s been there checking me in, calling, and generally being a super-positive and always cordial presence since I’ve been diagnosed. In spite of the hundreds of people that pass through her station, she always recognizes me by name and even memorized my SSN for checking in. It’s the little things like that which make the trip not suck so much. I stopped by on my way out to wish her well in her new position and let her know she made a difference. I hurried out before her watery eyes infected my own. Goodbye, Ashley.

Beautiful day outside, pity most of it will be spent inside for me. I’m now at the Toyota dealership in Sheboygan for an air-bag recall on the ‘ole truck. Hopefully in & out in a few hours. Nice waiting area with wi-fi and free beverages, so I can still work some. I wonder if I could just stop here and work from time to time instead of the coffee shop? 😉


Got to see Dr. Dhakal at Froedtert. Still wants me to apply for the clinical trials of the T-cell thing. Just checked the health insurance marketplace last night and it’s still just as unAffordable Care as before. Robin seems convinced that I can get a price break with some tax thing – but I’m enlisting some professional help to make a determination so I don’t screw up my VA thing. What a pain.

If that falls through, there are still a number of ‘Standard of Care’ treatments (chemo) the VA will pay for. But the T-cell thing would be far better for me in the long run. Prayers appreciated – that I can A) get in the trial without going broke, and B) get the T-cell instead of the alternate treatment.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share as you deem appropriate. Thanks!

May the good Lord bless you, your family, and this nation!

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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