packed up

Day 51

(traveling all day yesterday, hence the delay) Well, this day didn’t go exactly as planned – my exit appointment was delayed by an hour and then turned into two appointments. No matter, we were released – just later than we’d have liked. Krystal came back to help pack and it was all we could do …

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Day 50

Didn’t do much all day, but got to visit a good friend this evening. Robin packed up a few things, and we’ll pack up the rest tomorrow morning in anticipation of my release. Very tired now, so good night world.


Day 49

Got a good night’s sleep! Robin was kind enough to snap a photo of me in my (now) natural state. Can’t wait until my good looks return. 🙂 Robin and I headed to Murfreesboro so I could go to my favorite church – but this was the one weekend a year that they take off …

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outside in Franklin, TN

Day 48

Got a decent night’s sleep, but woke too early. Decided to go to the gym and get my treadmill time in. Then I took a shower and went back to sleep. 🙂 Robin had a touch of cabin fever so we drove to the “Factory” in Franklin. It’s an eclectic collection of shops in an …

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departure conference

Day 47

Just about wrapping up here I think, as far as transplants go. Went to all of my appointments and haven’t heard any bad news yet. 🙂 This is the Tuesday appointment I’m really looking for. Some heart stuff. Guess I still have one. And a breathing treatment to administer meds for preventing pneumonia. I’m going …

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Day 35

Selena Davis Good news today!! They took Kenny off one of the antibiotics and his temps have been holding steady. If he continues to progress, he may be able to leave the hospital and return to his home away from home hotel suite tomorrow! The VFW visited today and left him some goodies (a bag …

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coffee house

Day 45

Spent a good deal of time this morning going over a form for submitting a claim for VA disability, since it appears my malady is more likely than not due to exposure to some unsavory items during Desert Storm. Not sure what will come of it, but folks at the VA seem to think I …

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Day 44

Stopped in the clinic today, labs okay. Another appointment Friday, with a ton of tests again, and a possible release date of Tuesday if everything works out okay. Spent 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Had a visit from Robin’s brother Brian. A pretty good day.

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