mental tests


As part of the ‘qualification’ process for a future transplant, I must undergo several systems tests to make sure everything’s working as it should – cardiopulmonary, skeletal, etc. – Today was the Mental Health assessment – part two, actually. The first was a computerized quiz of sorts, today was a totally human interview. I was …

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And now I’m radioactive. At least until tomorrow. One of my tests required radioactive material be injected in my bloodstream in order to “take pictures”. This is the “camera”. My attendant was not so comely. 🙂


Well, alrighty then! The powers that be have seen fit to release me into the wild, as it were. My “screw & glue” seems to be holding up well, and I’m shuffling along with a walker and only use the wheelchair for longer distances. For the past few days I’ve been nursing a cough – …

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