Surprising Pixlr #FAIL

As many of my clients know, I’ve recommended Pixlr as a great online image editor.  It’s free – and a fair replacement for Photoshop (which I really love).

I’ve noticed that Pixlr’s online editor has been acting strangely as of late – slow to load, failing to load, and now sporting the “AutoDesk” label.  “Uh-Oh, I said… here we go…”

And of course – I fire up Pixlr this morning only to find a good deal of my editing space is consumed by a ginormous advertisement for Google Drive.  Ugh.  No way to get rid of it.  And I already own Google Drive.  🙁

pixlr-autodeskRefreshed the page – and now I’m suddenly a candidate to meet Asian Girls.  (Nothing against Asian Girls, they’re quite lovely – but I’m spoken for).  So, thank you AutoDesk.  You’ve ruined what was a perfectly good tool, just like Microsoft did to Skype.

pixlr-doneI took the only appropriate action, and recommend my followers do the same.  I’ve had good luck with Canva, so maybe that’s the new tool in my future…  I only wish it supported layers.


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