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Greetings, readers.

A few more weeks have passed – another round of chemo – and depending on my numbers this time (should know in a few days) I might get to increase the time between doses. Not exactly a remission mind you, but better. :).

We think we’ve gotten ahead of the ‘fever’ thing – let me give you a bit of background first though. Since my immune system is affected by chemotherapy, treatment is sort of a balancing act between killing the bad stuff while trying not to kill all of the good stuff. So we’re always on the watch for an infection – and one of the first symptoms is a fever. So any time I go above 100.4, I’m supposed to call the Nurse Line. They ask their questions, and this inevitably leads to instructions to visit the emergency room. Once there, I’m typically given the “over-abundance of caution” treatment, admitted, then dosed with a full-spectrum IV anti-biotic. And blood cultures. Which take a few days to process. A nice little 4 day vacation in the hospital in which they determine that they don’t know why it looked like an infection.

Here’s the thing – it only happened after the first week of chemo after a break. I’m currently 3 weeks on, 1 week off. It’s at this return to treatment that I also get medicine to boost my white blood cells. I noticed that it’s always a day or two after starting these meds that I got a low-grade fever.

So last time, I monitored my temp very carefully… and when it went up – took a tylenol instead of calling the nurse line. After a few days of this, I was back to normal. Way better than hospital time. ;). Still have to be careful though.

Oooh, let’s argue about masks!

Or not.

So, I had a visit for an annual inspection of my hip so they could inspect the hardware. Of course, I first had to pass the gauntlet of COVID-19 checkpoints, the last of which informed me that the style of mask I’d been wearing the past 3 years was no longer suitable for use at the VA since it had a ‘vent’. I’d have to replace my multi-layered safer mask and wear the paper-thin and ill-fitting temporary blue masks you see everyone else complaining about. In typical military fashion, it was not good enough for me to continue to protect myself with a superior mask and wear the blue mask over it – I must replace my mask in order to clear the checkpoint.

After collecting the right information on how to contact the proper jackass about this, I replaced my mask and proceeded to the elevator, where I promptly removed the crappy mask, and replaced it with my better mask. Then I applied the blue mask over it. All good.

The folks at the VA are usually better than this, I was very disappointed that they’d put me at risk for mere appearances of compliance.

If I wasn’t clear, know that I have no problem wearing a mask – I’ve been wearing them on & off for medical reasons for the past 3 years. I just want to wear a good one. Even if I have to wear two. 😉

Be well, and God bless you friends.


Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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