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Small Town Perks

I’ve lived in all sizes of cities, from Chicago, Il to Altamont, TN.  There’s quite a bit of difference between navigating a metro of 2.7 million and barely a blip at 1045.

We may have found a sweet spot here in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  At just a little over 30,000 there’s enough to do here to keep anyone in town, yet it’s not so big as to come with most of the baggage of a big city.

For instance, I was able to drive across town yesterday to do some banking, stop by the florist and pick up some roses, drop them off at Robin’s workplace, swing by the post office to mail a package and then stop back home to change my shirt and then make a lunch appointment on the other side of town.  All this in about 35 minutes.

It used to take me that long to get to the other side of town in Murfreesboro, TN.  Yeah, I don’t miss that at all.  😉

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