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You know, I have every intention of posting every week. But some weeks are kinda boring – that’s good isn’t it? 😉

In this case, it hasn’t really been that boring, and due to a few hiccups I’ve missed some updates, so here we go. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m resuming my chemo until the proteins come down. Same routine, once weekly for 3 weeks then a break, rinse and repeat.

Well, my mid-June treatment was the first after a few months off, and since I’m getting the ‘double-dose’ instead of coming in twice weekly – I guess I just wasn’t ready because 2 days later I spiked a fever and had to spend a few days at the VA. Over a weekend too, naturally. LOL. They never did find anything, so it was likely just a reaction to the treatment, what they refer to as a medicine fever. Oh, and I’m COVID-free by the way. Lovely test, same as the flu test I took in January – where they attempt to jam a fishing pole up your nostril and twist. At least that’s what it feels like. 😉

So now I just finished this three week cycle (yesterday) and won’t have to go back for two weeks. Which reminds me – I originally set this email update to go out Tuesday mornings, but due to treatment day changes, I’m moving it back to Friday mornings. That should give me time to poke out a few words and not have to remember what happened 5-6 days ago.

I’m feeling pretty good these days, but do get a bit tired the afternoon after a treatment. And sometimes a little more too, like – I haven’t been to sleep yet. Happens sometimes, but hey – I get a TON of work done that way too. 🙂

Lunch was nothing like I’d hoped, but I didn’t expect to be there for 3 hours, so didn’t order off of the menu. 🙁 Good crackers though.

Hey – do me a favor. Vicki is my sister-in-law on Robin’s side – she’s very near the end of her struggle with cancer. Would you join me in praying for a smooth transition to the place Jesus has prepared for her, and comfort for her family? Thank you so much.

And thanks for reading. Share if you feel like it. I’ll try to put a little more time into these as we go.

May the Lord be with you and yours – Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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