In my line of business, I spend a great deal of time researching, testing, evaluating products and services I use before making a decision to spend money.  You should too.  And you could take advantage of the work I’ve already done and buy this stuff, if you think it may meet your needs.  Some of the links below may be affiliate links, meaning I’ll get a little kickback if you end up buying something.  A little token of thanks for all my hard work.  You’ll end up paying the same price – or maybe lower if I get them to cut you a deal.  If you’re not cool with that, feel free to go to the provider website and buy directly from them.  I say – spread the love and click on my links. – Thanks, Ken


Password Manager

I’ve trusted LastPass for years, and used its built-in strong password generator to keep my logins safe.  The best part is they have great browser extensions and mobile apps so you can have your passwords handy no matter which device you’re working with now.  Get the free version – and then once you love it, buy the Pro version – you’ll be glad you did! – Ken


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