Replay Telecorder for Skype – a Must-Have SKYPE extension

For the past three years, I’ve recommended using SKYPE, a voice over Internet protocol service as an alternative to Ma Bell.  For the most part this has worked very well for me with the exception of a few missed calls or poor quality calls during Internet outages.

While there are a plethora of software add-ins that extend the functionality of the software, few are as useful as Replay Telecorder for Skype.  I’ve often wanted to record phone conversations or even video conversations for use in other applications or just for review.  While Mac users have had this utility for some time, only recently have PC users been able to record Skype video in a  side-by-side window.

So, let’s look at some of the uses for this technology.  Replay Telecorder can record cellular phones, regular calls, and SKYPE to SKYPE calls.  I think you’ll get the most of this product by recording your video calls.

For businessmen and women, this means you can record important conference calls or distribute saved calls to your organization.  You can also use the recorded call as the meeting minutes.  Other business uses might include training sessions, company announcements, employee interviews, and group brainstorming sessions.  A great way to create persuasive case studies is to interview users of your products or services on video.  You can then take this recorded video and send it to online video sharing sites like YouTube.  Or simply display it on your website.  This is also a great strategy for client testimonials.  Nothing sells you like video.

Some non business uses for this video recording software might be to record Skype video conversations with your family.  While you’re at the annual family reunion, you can record Skype calls from faraway loved ones and share recorded calls with family and friends that can’t be there.

It’s also great for playing back important phone calls to get all the details.

This is also great software for bloggers.  I love to create content from expert interviews.  Using Replay Telecorder and SKYPE, I simply make a Skype video call to my expert and start recording.  I send my video recording away for transcription, and within hours I create a blog post that contains video, audio, and text.  This makes consuming content incredibly easy for web visitors as they can watch, listen, or read the article.  Including the text is also very smart if you’re practicing search engine optimization.

For podcasters Replay Telecorder for Skype is equally useful.  You can record guest interviews for your podcast with ease.  As described above, you can take the recorded video and split the audio for use in your audio only podcast.  For video podcasters you can select from various video options like picture in picture, side-by-side, local webcam only, or remote webcam only.  You may also select recording to individual files for further editing.

While SKYPE is a great communication tool, it is add-ins like Replay Telecorder for Skype that make it a fun and effective tool.  For a free trial version of this software, visit

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