Quarantine? What Quarantine?

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Well, it’s day one of the official #saferathome non-martial law quarantine. And in a few hours, I’ll be on the road – one of the many with a viable excuse – a doctor’s appointment. 😉

How’ve I been? Not bad, considering. Had an actual talk with the doc (I do this once monthly) and was discussing the potential impact of Covid19 on travel, etc., and he said it may not be bad at all since I might only have on more round of chemo (each round is 3 weeks). If the numbers hold up, which they should. Depending on labs, I might go back on ‘maintenance mode’. That’d be nice.

Then all I’d need to be uber-careful of is actually getting the coronavirus since I’m an at-risk case. It should be super-easy for me since most of my normal day is spent in virtual isolation anyway. I will miss the occasional face-to-face client meeting and Chamber of Commerce event though. But it’s nearly spring weather, so hopefully, there will be some outdoor stuff coming up.

So – there’s this volunteer program at the VA. I noticed a guy in our treatment room running around talking with folks, asking if they needed anything, bringing water & toting lunch trays. I thought that was cool since the nurses have been burdened with those tasks, and frankly – it’s distracting from their actual job of nursing. Also, some of the old farts were starting to treat the nurses like wait staff – which would be tolerable I guess, if they were big tippers – but they’re not. So I decided I could do this volunteer thing too since I’m not doing much else besides work on the iPad when the wifi is up.

So I filled out about 6 pages of my deep dark secrets, went to a medical screening where they asked me if I was loony (then I explained that I was just trying to take a crappy job off the nurses, not unload trucks – so they relented), then ventured into the bowels of the facility where I had my fingerprints recorded for the background check. I made my way to the volunteer office only to be confronted by a sign (that wasn’t there last week) informing me that the volunteer program was put on hiatus due to the coronavirus. Lovely. I’ll ask nurse Amy today if I can help anyway, but I suspect due to liability, etc. etc., well – I tried. 🙂

Well, it’s 3 am and I’ve got to get up in a few hours, so I should probably get back to bed. I just wanted to pop off a note so you know I’m still alive before the Tuesday morning editorial deadline. ;). Stay healthy my friend.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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