Post-Transplant tests

vein scan

So, in the recent past I’ve been going through another battery of tests (the 100 day mark) for post-transplant. Still waiting on an MRI, but all other tests have been A-OK and I’m still in remission. 🙂

Soon, I’ll start a ‘maintenance’ regimen of low-dose chemo to suppress the cancer for as long as possible. I’ve had no side effects from previous treatments, and I don’t anticipate any now.

That said, yesterday was my first ‘bone strengthening’ treatment, which may have side effects. We’ll see. I’m putting up with some pain from other meds, the doc has switched some recently, so we’ll see what happens. 😉

The bone strengthener is given monthly via IV, here’s a picture of a cool vein scanner which helps them locate good spots. (at least that’s the theory, it still took 3 pokes to nail it this time due to them hitting ‘check valves’ – which I apparently have in large quantity, lol).

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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