Off Week

feeling a little off

— Wednesday, Nov. 13 —

Didn’t sleep well last night. Feeling a little off. Kinda like in the old old days as a bachelor in the Army and the morning after we’d gone out the night before. Not hurting or sick, but a little sluggish and the equilibrium could use a tune-up. 😉

I made the trip to Green Bay for a PICC dressing change. Roads were awful, they were surprised to see me. Nurse Judy was a little off too, she had to go back to the supply cabinet a few times because she forgot a few dressing bits & pieces.

Really, really hoping that whatever lingering cold/sinus/whatever thing is going on in the background goes away and doesn’t affect my numbers before the port procedure on Monday. It’d be a shame to miss it twice. Guess we’ll find out soon enough, Nurse Judy drew some labs while I was there.

— Thursday

Slept pretty good, but still waiting for the ‘meh’ to go away.  Time to refill pills too.   Good times.


That’s it for now.  Not too bad as days go.  Blessings – Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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