Normal and The Port’s Back On


If all goes as planned, this will be another ‘week off’ from the chemo routine.  Kinda back to ‘normal’, right?  Well, if nothing else – it means I won’t have to get up early to catch the DAV bus.  I wonder if they miss me?  Ha Ha – or Hi Hi for my ham radio friends.  (look it up)

I’ve only got one appointment scheduled (a PICC dressing change) in Green Bay.  They wanted to move my appointments to early in the week as opposed to late in the week due to the upcoming holidays, and it looks like they’ll consolidate well, as the Doc is usually there on Tuesdays.  The bonus was that I was able to get an additional week off of chemo, so I’m kinda liking that!

Still feeling good, though physical work like snow shoveling feels a lot more like work, lol.   Lugging around the extra 15 lbs isn’t helping.  (Thanks, steroids!) .   Also very cognizant of the need to stay free of germs and sick people so my numbers stay up.  Think I got part of Robin’s cold/sinus thing, but I’m on so many anti-virals, etc., it’s hard to tell.  It’s like I’ve had a pesky headache and felt a little tired, but not the full-blown symptoms.

If my numbers hold I’ll get the PORT installed.  We’ll find out with labs next week.  It will be better than the PICC, but still weird.  I think I mentioned the PORT here.

So, let’s hope for good numbers and finally getting this whole port thing behind us.   Because it’s all smooth sailing from there, right?   LOL.

Have a great day, God Bless, and thanks for following the updates. — Ken


Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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