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As part of the ‘qualification’ process for a future transplant, I must undergo several systems tests to make sure everything’s working as it should – cardiopulmonary, skeletal, etc. –

Today was the Mental Health assessment – part two, actually. The first was a computerized quiz of sorts, today was a totally human interview. I was asked all sorts of things – quizzed on my past, (a lot of which was questions about drug/alcohol use) and some fun memory/cognitive ability tests. One test involved naming as many words that were NOT pronouns or variation of the same thing, i.e. door/doors etc. They all had to begin with the letter F. I skipped the rather tempting 4 letter words – you know, like fart. 😉 My amateur radio friends would recognize some others like Ferrite, Faraday (although I self-rescinded that since it IS someone’s name). Others were Finicky, Fiduciary, etc. My interviewer said I had an interesting list. Not sure if that’s good or bad. She said she didn’t have any concerns with my test results. (but they probably tell everybody that).

It’s been 2 weeks since they pulled all of my teeth. Gums are healing nicely but it’ll be awhile before I can enjoy a sammich methinks.

Thanks again for your support! — Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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