March 4, 2022

pug in pool asking what in tarnation

The one constant about this journey is that everything changes. Constantly. 🙂

The doc needed labs were drawn to see where my cancer numbers are – and depending on that, he’d put me back on my weekly chemo pills and sub-q shot while we wait for the clinical trial procedures.

Well, insurance said the copay was well over $200. Doink. So I had to apply for the manufacturers ‘coupon card’, which knocks it down to $5. No problem, but it took a few days and phone calls. Then the manufacturers no longer make the 20mg dose, (which I took 3 of for a total of 60mg weekly) – but they do make a 60mg pill. But the insurance says it’s a new prescription, so has to go through the approval process again. Oh, joy. It was approved quickly (relative to prior approvals) but still not in time for this week’s dose. But that’s okay, doc says my cancer numbers are super good right now.

He also said the cells they extracted last month were a flop at the lab. So I’m booted out of this CAR-T trial. Now all of the procedure dates, lodging, etc., etc., plans are for naught.


The new plan: (as I know it right now) Proceed with CAR-T (not a trial) which means another cell extraction procedure. Whatever. Except I really hate the whole ‘jab a garden hose into your jugular and leave it there for a day or two’ part. 🙁

To be fair, the doc did present me with 2 alternate options – neither of which seemed more comfortable… lol.

Thing is, I was really hoping to get this over with – now it’ll be good weather (more or less) when it’s procedure time. Rats.

That’s the way things shake out sometimes – and God is good all of the time, so we just roll with it. 🙂

Blessings, my friends.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

3 thoughts on “March 4, 2022”

  1. Oh, wow, no fun at all. Plus you have to jump through many hoops to get your insurance and meds. Glad to hear your cancer numbers are good, though. Take care, buddy.

  2. You sure have to jump through many hoops with your insurance and meds. Glad to hear your numbers are good, though. Take care, my friend!

  3. Truth be told, it’s always a hassel getting things approved etc etc but your attitude is great, God will bless for that, (like the news your numbers are good). Take great care. Love to you both.

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