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Well, I came to treatment on Thursday all masked up – thought I’d take one of the iconic bathroom selfies.  Only this is the VA bathroom, probably cleaner than mine, lol!

Labs came back and yay – not neutropenic anymore, numbers back over 1000 (normal being 1500+ so I don’t have to mask up everywhere for now.  I’m gonna stick to the no-good food diet at least until we reschedule my port install.  Don’t want to screw that up.

Friday’s appointment went smoothly – a packed house.  My 9:00 appointment was running behind though, didn’t actually start getting treatment until 10:30 and was in the DAV ride waiting room a few minutes after 11:00.   We headed out just before 2:00 pm.   What a time-suck.  I can’t wait until I get down to 1 treatment a week.  Hopefully pretty soon.

All in all, a pretty good week.  Just need to get the whole sleep thing worked out.  Only getting a few hours nightly after the steroids.  😐

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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