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Good morning, friends. Here’s a quick update.

This week was pretty smooth. Only one trip to Milwaukee, and that for chemo. I know, last update mentioned a biopsy, etc., but I was a week ahead of myself, so two trips to MKE next week. Would have been three, but that starts my week off of Chemotherapy.

One of the things I appreciate on my chemo days is the chance to score a VA lunch. 🙂 Doesn’t always happen, but lately I’ve been on a roll. In the pic below, you can see me using the heat from the rice to steam my roll. Old Army trick, lol.

Another bonus is that I get time to read between my appointments (there’s an hour between labs & chemo) and then a half-hour between pills & shot. This week, I’m reading Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Writing (for work).

Another good thing about the three hour round trip to/from Milwaukee is that I get to catch up on my RFR and Ham Radio 360 podcasts! I also have the Bible on Audio so even though I listen every evening, I can change it up and catch a few books on these trips. 🙂

Projects – got to wrap up the greenhouse, dig a bit more, set some rebar, and pour concrete for my radio tower. I can’t believe the first week of October is already gone. If that tower base isn’t set soon, they’re be no way my ham friends will help set it up in the snow! (Robin has forbidden me from climbing/erecting it), even though I think I could. A fall at this point, even from walking would be no joke.

Also trying to figure out logistics for the transplant. I’ll be hospitalized for a month, and Robin will be with me part of that time, so we need to solidify plans to let Google out, and care for the chickens. It sure is a lot of work being sick.

More good news – at a Chamber ribbon cutting for a pregnancy counseling service in town, I noted they use the same content for a Men’s ministry I want to get started here – one I went through 7-8 years ago, and has been updated. I think that’s a good sign.

Thanks for stopping by – and thanks for your prayers. There’s no doubt in my military mind that your intercession on my behalf is making the disease and treatment so much easier on me. If you have an extra prayer – there are other soldiers – brave men & women at the VA who have it far worse than I. May God bless you & yours.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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