June 7, 2021


Well, here we go again – a long stretch with no updates. I am going to HAVE to get better at consistency. Here’s my excuse, this time.

March was just a very, very bad month for me.

I had a reaction to the drugs used in the clinical trial, and they were unable to control the disease – meaning my kidneys and other systems were at risk. I was hospitalized a few times for 5-7 day stretches in order to get things under control.

The good news was that since I was booted from that clinical trial – I instantly became eligible for other trials I really wanted – the T-Cell trials – so Doc got me into one straight away. But these drugs are no joke either. The process of the IV chemo and pill chemo is called “Bone Marrow Conditioning”, and it’s really taken a toll on my stamina and energy levels for any type of physical activity. For instance, if I carried a basket of clean clothes upstairs after doing laundry, I’d have to take a long break – maybe even a nap – to recover. It really made work – and optional things like updating this blog a real chore.

Since then – a few weeks ago – I was given my first infusion of modified T-Cells – the ones that were extracted from me at the very beginning, and enhanced at the laboratory. I’m starting to feel like I have more energy now, so I think they are at least delaying the process of the chemo destroying my blood, so the transfusions I get will ‘last’ longer, and as subsequent cell infusions occur I should get stronger and stronger.

Friday, my Doc expressed his delight with my response thus far, as most of my labs are coming back within specs or at least expected levels. The disease has taken a dramatically sharp decrease since starting this trial, and he’s anticipating a nice remission once the course is complete. This is really good news. I am blessed, indeed. I was also told that the RAPA study group is keenly interested in my particular case and response thus far, due to the advanced nature of my cancer. So hopefully, God willing, I’ll have a good enough response and outcome to be of use to and hope for others in the future. Makes me feel good to have been lucky enough to participate in some of this futuristic medicine.

So – now that I’m feeling a bit better (fingers crossed) I’ll be more apt to keep you informed.

Thank you for keeping up with me and for your prayers – you know they work!

And may the Lord be glorified through my story and the many Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Staff and others who’ve been directed by Him to treat me. I am a very fortunate man that He would watch over me.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

2 thoughts on “June 7, 2021”

  1. so heartwarming to hear words like delight…..remission…keep it up!!! Your faith thru this whole ordeal is truly inspiring…..

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