January 17, 2022

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Hey folks – as you can see, I’ve opted to move my email notifications back to Tuesdays, as most of my appointments are now on Fridays. Hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion. You can also get an occasional ‘side’ update on the FB group (if you’ve been invited).

Since Christmas, there’s been a bit of unusual stuff – like the super-duper-extreme pain in my left knee and an old ‘disc’ issue. Hurt enough to cause me to use my walker & cane again, just to get around. That lasted for about 2 weeks, now thankfully it’s mostly sore knee joints. Also hurts to sneeze/cough due to the disc. Turning into an old man, lol.

I’m on a new chemo regimen while waiting for the new clinical trials for CAR-T therapy, which look like might start mid-March. This stuff induces nausea & vomiting in 80% of users. So far, thanks to my God-given iron constitution, it’s had a marginal effect in that arena. ;). Also, most of my chemo is now in pill form, except for the weekly Velcade shot in the belly. Cuts down on the time at the hospital for sure, which is great. Now, if I could just get it a little closer to home. The three hours I have to spend on the road for what now is a 30 minute appointment seems out of balance. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. LOLOLOL

Speaking of the chemo commute… Robin has accompanied me these last few trips and it’s made all the difference. It’s just nice to have someone there, and if we have time between labs & the shot – we’ll slip off to the bistro and enjoy a small treat. Not really a date-night thing, but I enjoy spending time with my sweetie. 🙂

Upcoming: Feb 3rd is my final eye exam just to make sure things went well with the cataracts. So far, things seem fine – much better vision now, though I’m waiting for the exam before getting new prescription glasses. Right now I can make do with what Robin calls ‘cheaters’ to do the up-close reading & phone browsing. Today, I received notifications of the extensive testing prerequisites for the CAR-T – pulmonary, PET scans, etc., etc. Progress. I think.

That’s all for now, thanks again for keeping tabs on the ‘ole man. :). May you be blessed. — Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

2 thoughts on “January 17, 2022”

  1. Thanks for the update Ken. The journey continues I see. Glad Gods with you. And Robin is there when she also helps.

    See you stopped at Clubhouse 😀😀

    1. Yes Sir! I did stop at the clubhouse, a few of us were testing the EOC connection to WECOMM, among other things. Looks like we’ll be opening it on the second Saturday of the month.

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