HELP! I need a REAL Murfreesboro auto mechanic!

UPDATE: 10-15-2010

Many thanks to Joey from LaVergne, who was able to use a little good ‘ole American Ingenuity to repair my car!  Rather than pulling the engine to remove the bolt, he skillfully welded another bolt end to the broken one, and was able to remove the offending part.  He put it all back together, and I’ve been driving it for a week now with no problems!  Joey – THANK YOU !!!

I’ll also add that he did the job (which was a real pain) for a LOT less than the local shop that forgot about me!  I’ll recommend Joey for any automotive work, and will certainly call him again!  🙂  If you’d like Joey’s contact info, just let me know in the comments.

Here’s the deal.  I have a 95 Cadillac Eldorado that I bought on Craigslist – with a Northstar (aluminum block).  Drove it a while, and one day on the interstate the bolt that secures the idler pulley (serpentine belt) snapped off, and the pulley rolled down the road!

Having some mechanical experience from days past, I attempted to drill out the bolt and use an easy-out to get the bolt out.  Well, I snapped it off.  (The screw extractor was too small).

Problem: there’s not a lot of room to work with a drill here (see photos), I actually tried a 90 degree drill attachment to get as far as I did – but it may be that the engine has to be lifted to give you enough room to work.  So, no way I can do this.  I need some professional help.

So I took these photos (and others) to a local shop to see what they thought.  After a few weeks of waiting for an estimate, I called back and it sounded like the guy was making it up as he went – and he gave me some outrageous numbers.  Clearly, he hadn’t even looked at the photos and must have padded the estimate based on it being a Caddy (did I mention I bought it on Craigslist?) and that I was dressed nicely.

That said, having done mechanic work many, many years ago – I do know the value of good work and the cost of professional tools. I’m looking for old-school wrenches who can look at an issue and actually diagnose it – not just experiment with parts and my money!  🙂

I’m willing to pay a shop or mechanic a fair amount, based on the job.  So, if you can drill out a broken bolt, heli-coil it if necessary, (maybe pull the engine to do so), and get me back on the road – I want to talk to you.  Call me at work – 615-278-9324

Thanks – Ken

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