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Since I last posted, a few unusual things have happened.

In case you’ve missed it, a good portion of the planet is staying home or otherwise trying to avoid catching a virus by avoiding other people. Sounds familiar. I’ve been practicing for a few years now and am pretty good at it, lol!

A few months back, my doc said that based on my numbers we might go one more round of IV chemotherapy and then take a break. That would mean fewer trips to the VA and just taking a maintenance pill instead of IV treatments. Well, since I’ve been doing so well, and because it’s getting riskier to visit the VA (even though they’ve got the facility pretty well locked down), he said we could go ahead and skip the last round of IV, and go directly into maintenance mode for as long as the numbers support it. 🙂

I’m pretty okay with that – I’ll still need monthly labs, but while we’re on lockdown I can get those at Green Bay, which is not a hospital but a clinic. As most routine visits have been rescheduled for nearly everyone, it’s pretty much a ghost town there. Which is good. Less exposure.

So now, except for the fact that I can’t really go anywhere, life is pretty much the same for me. I work remotely anyway (have for years) so it’s old hat. I have had the opportunity to help some folks get set up for online meetings so they could work as well, and that’s good, I’m glad to help folks.

Oh, I remember one thing – even though I’m not getting the IV treatment, I still have to take the steroids weekly – and for some reason, they’re keeping me awake – for a day or two. So that’s a little different. I’m thinking I’ll eventually adjust, but I’m sending a note to the doc – maybe he’ll reduce the dosage. I did get some sleep last night, about 4 hours, so that’s good. 😉

They tell me spring is coming – maybe June – we could be out by then! lol….

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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