grumpy cat on facebook

Getting Over Facebook

grumpy cat on facebook

Truth be told, your actions make us feel like you don’t respect us….All we do is give, and all you do is take. We give you text posts, delicious food photos, coupons, restaurant recommendations… and what do you do in return? You take them and you hide them from all our friends.

…But the bigger picture issue is that we can’t trust you. You lied to us and said you were a social network but you’re totally not a social network. At least not anymore.

(Excerpt from a company’s “breakup letter” to Facebook, via WebProNews)

Facebook used to be pretty cool.  But not anymore.  I guess that’s the price of going public and working for your shareholders instead of your customers.

The argument against Facebook for business is pretty well laid out in the article above, but I’ll explain a bit anyway.  Facebook at one time allowed you to create a page, invite people to like (or follow) the content you added, and all was well with the world.  You’d add a video, picture, or news about yourself, product, or service – and all of your “followers” would see your stuff.  Now however, Facebook has slowly filtered who gets to see your content so that only a fraction of your fans see it.  Of course, they then offer to “boost” or “promote” your content – for a fee.

This is a twisted variation of the “freemium” model, in which you get something for free – and you can get something even better for a premium.  It’s up to you to decide if the added service is worth the investment.

In this case, Facebook is merely taking away what used to be free – and then charging you to restore it.  In many cases – as evidenced above, business is not biting.  They’re moving on.

For those that would like a better alternative, consider Google+

Most importantly – and I’ve said this 1,000 times – own your message.  That means build your online presence on your own website, and use social media to support it – instead of the other way around.

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