Gardening, Vacation, Sleep…


And other things that seem to escape me. 😉

Here it is, the middle of 2020.

I’m sitting in front of the Mac at 2:00 am thinking about trying to catch up with all of the things I’d hoped to do this spring. Except here in Wisconsin, there is no spring. Well, maybe a day here & there.

So the garden is just a huge pile of weeds & grass that I swear wasn’t there 3-4 days ago. Vacation? One might say we’ve all been on vacation the past few months. Well, a stay-cation anyway. Not me though, busy as ever at work. And sleep? That’s been hit & miss lately. Thought I’d have another full night tonight – I mean last night, but nope. This time I think it’s the list of things I have to do that cut the night short. Not complaining too much though, because I DO get to knock out a few things that are on my list. 😉

The Doc’s set me up for a June 16 appointment, the first in a few months due to the pandemic. He said things are starting to return to what was normal, some folks that were put off are getting back on the schedule. That’s good. It was kind of creepy there last time I went there. (Milwaukee VA). Maybe they’ll have my volunteer application processed by then. (sure they will, lol)

Maybe the demonstrations & rioting will have subsided by then. My appointments let out early enough to avoid the worst, I’m thinking, but I’m prepared in any event. Haven’t been downtown in a long time, there’s a farm to table place I’d like to go again.

At work, I’m attempting to ‘systematize’ everything I can so that I can get more done, and make it easier to work (especially away from my desk), and for a business continuation plan I’ve arranged with one of my colleagues in the event I’m incapacitated. That way my clients aren’t left in a lurch in the interim. See, that’s one of those things I’d really hoped to have done in January. Doh!

Might have a guy coming to pull some weeds and prepare the bed for whatever might grow in the next month or three. We’ll see.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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