Excuse me – I think I peed in your container.

urinals in bathroom

Him: [returning from a trip to restroom] “Excuse me – I think I peed in your container.”
Me: That’s highly unlikely, as I don’t have a container – but I’ll bet you use that line on all the boys.
Him: Confusion, melting into a sheepish grin. [Turns and heads toward chemo chair, IV rack in tow.]

We have the most interesting conversations in the Oncology clinic.

That was about the most noteworthy thing to happen during today’s appointment, which if I recall correctly – is the last installment of round 3 of my chemotherapy since I fell off of the remission wagon. So before I forget – a few notes from last week’s Christmas Eve Eve session:

Christmas Eve Eve 2019

Robin was able to accompany me for a ‘day in the life of a chemo patient’ at the VA. I have a post from that day here. She captured the brief moment it took for my nurse to ‘install’ the arc-reactor err…. IV tap into my port. But first, what the heck is a ‘port’ again?

power port diagram

The process of getting my chemo was uneventful, which is always a good thing. We spent Christmas Eve with family doing to traditional family stuff and had a good time.

Christmas Day – 2019

We spent the day with the kids. We should do this more often. I was a little tired from the chemo, but made it through the day! 😉


Okay, back to the present. I took the short bus to Milwaukee, my appointment was 8:30 for labs, and 9:30 for chemo. As I was one of only two riders in the DAV van, we were hoping for the common in/out session, potentially being back on the road shortly after 10 am. It was not to be.

There’s only one thing worse than having to wait for hours on a DAV ride home – and that’s being the REASON everyone else waits for hours for a DAV ride home. The clinic was obviously overbooked this morning – probably due to the holiday – and I wasn’t called back for labs until 9:30, a full hour past my appointment. Chemo wasn’t started until 11:30 – 2 hours past my appointment. Thankfully, this is an anomaly. While somewhat irritating – I am so very blessed for the opportunity to have what amounts to a free ride, both the conveyance and the treatment. 😉

Speaking of blessings – I’m hoping you’ll pray for opportunities to share my blessings with others receiving treatment. Please pray that I’ll

  • recognize these moments
  • and have the courage to share
  • and the right message for those that need to hear it.

Thanks for following. And may the Lord richly bless you as He has me in this coming year. I think we’re going to need it! 😉


Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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