Doing Business with Cancer

Well, okay - now what?

It’s not every day that you’re diagnosed with some dread disease, much less be forced to consider the impact it might have on others.  And their organizations. 

But here we are.   😉

Yep, it was kind of a shocker to me too.  I explain how it all started in this post – My Multiple Myeloma Journey.  Go ahead and click if you’re interested, it’ll pop open a new tab so you can read it later.

For my clients, let me reassure you – I say ‘re’ assure because many of you have been with me during this journey, as we’ve been doing business together for several years.

But it’s important to know, so it bears repeating.   If anything were to happen to me and I was unable to manage your online affairs, i.e., marketing, website care, etc., I’ve designated two local firms, one in Tennessee and one in Wisconsin to help you navigate the transitional period.

You will be notified in the event that they are activated, and have plenty of time to make any adjustment.  In most cases, it may be merely administrative.

Others may choose to seek out a new firm, and that’s okay too.  All I ask is that you at least hear my ‘transition team’ out.  They’re good folks who’ll take care of you like I did.

For prospective clients, understanding that your ‘Web Guy’ has cancer and might go meet Jesus next year – or in 5, 10,  15 years – who knows really?  That might be a little disconcerting.  After all, it is an investment in time and relationship to get a good thing going.

Here’s something you might not know.  This isn’t my first rodeo.  At 16, I was involved in an auto accident on the way home from work, t-boned by some drag racers and it could have easily gone bad.  I could’ve checked out a few times there in Desert Storm, too.  After that, I had an armed robber stick a gun in my chest.  Still here.  Listen, when it’s your time, it’s your time, so I’m going to be productive for as long as i can.  😉 

So let me flip this on you.  What’s your plan now?  What happens if your current consultant gets hit by a bus, or goes back to college, or the company folds?  I can tell you because I’ve helped people without a plan put their business back together after bad things happen.

If we only get the opportunity to spend a few years working together, with the foundation we’ll build, it’ll be time well spent.

Besides – maybe you get hit by the bus first!

Want to see where this goes?  Let’s grab a cuppa joe.  I’m especially fond of Raspberry Mocha.

Feedback & Reviews

Here are some things people say about working with me.

” Ken was excellent to work with. We were working on a tight timeline and budget for a product video project. He exceeded expectations on both fronts.  “

Thomas Dewane, MBA

Founder & CEO, Jaystreet Technologies, Inc.

” You on the other hand not only are loaded with Southern charm, you also have a tremendous amount of patience including with me. Thank you. “

Randy Brice


” The web page created was on target for our clients. Easy to navigate and expressed what we wanted to say about our events. Ken is easy to work with and professional.  “

Joyce Lytle

SEE Christian Ministry

What can I do for you?

I get up in the morning to be of service to others.  Truth.  Tell me how I can help.

Marketing Consulting

You’d be surprised by how often we get to a certain level in our organizations, and it seems like we’re in a rut.  Or the economy tanks.  Perhaps some new legislation passes that negatively impacts us, or our best client shutters operations or relocates to Pennsylvania.  Life happens, and it may help to look at our marketing with a fresh set of eyes.

In-House SEO Training

Are your staff members  Rockstars at creating content that converts, but it just doesn’t get enough exposure?  Or maybe your competitors currently have the better of you in the Search Engine Results Pages, and your budget doesn’t allow for a pricey big-city marketing agency?  An in-house workshop might be just the boost needed to empower them to become marketing heros.

I am nothing if not efficient.

And it’s because I’ve developed processes for just about everything.  By leveraging tools which enhance my systems, I’m able to expand my reach, helping more people, while saving time and resources.  You can take a peek at some of those tools right here.  Some are free (or have free versions) and others are not, but I’ve found them well worth it. 

Need advice?

One of the things I love to do is help people reach goals by focusing on and prioritizing the right marketing activity.  It all starts with a cuppa joe.  So call me.  😉

Reach your goals by focusing on what works. Need Help?

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