Dec 8, 2021

Dec 8, 2021

Hi folks, I’ve had a few folks asking for an update, so here it is.  🙂

Since my discharge from the hospital, I’ve been growing ever so slightly stronger every day.  Hemoglobin doesn’t seem to be recovering though, in fact I’ve come down a few notches.  Might have to eat more spinach.

I’ve been doing the twice-weekly labs & infusion thing until last week, when the Doc said I was good to go for two weeks unless I start feeling bad.  So I’m really enjoying not having to drive to MKE and trying… trying to get some work done.

The plan for future treatment – as it is now – is to get into one of the  Car-T therapy programs.  Doc thinks he can get me in pretty soon – and he does have quite a bit of ‘pull’, so we’ll see.  Only 1 person per month is accepted into the program, which kinda explains why the VA has had only 3 patients that I can find since it was made a ‘standard of care’.  The VA does NOT pay for clinical trials, which is why I sought treatment at Froedtert.

Until then, we plan to manage (hopefully) the cancer resurgence with pill chemo, and if needed supplemental infusions which I’ve tolerated well before.  Thing is – each treatment takes a toll – so I’m hoping a targeted t-cell approach works, to give my body a break.  I consider myself pretty tough, but I’m not Superman – so delaying or eliminating chemo extends my life.  Well, unless the good Lord decides otherwise.  I could still get hit by a bus.  🙂

Now that I’m not visiting for chemo as often, I’ll be getting ready for my cataract procedure, first eye scheduled for later this month, next eye in early January.  That will be a relief – I’ve been struggling lately with glare and some fuzziness.  They tell me early onset adult cataracts can be a result of steroid use – which of course, I’ve been eating like candy during chemo treatments!  Just have to roll with this stuff.

I’m so glad I’ve found the peace that abides in Jesus.  Makes most of this stuff a matter of course rather than a tragedy.  🙂

If you’ve not found this peace, you can.  Hit me up or ask around.  Lots of resources online… or maybe just down the road at a local house of worship.


P.S. — Bargain of the week!  Found a pair of used jeans for $4 – size 33/29 which fit like a glove.  If you’re looking to lose weight, nothing better than the hospital diet!  (I was previously wearing 40/30)

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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