Day 4

Most of the results of the previous days’ tests are in. Looks like this transplant will be moving forward.

Donna, our Nurse Practitioner that the VA lured away from Vanderbilt’s transplant program, spent a good hour going over the procedures, side effects, benefits, etc., and answered our questions. So tomorrow I begin the series of injections that will make me produce an over abundance of stem cells from bone marrow. Sounds like a good time. One of the drawbacks is that this may produce bone pain. Well, it’s been no stranger to me – it’s been pretty constant since this whole thing began. I might have to take a slightly stronger pain killer if this happens.

Good news – after Thanksgiving, I’ll return to my current abode, the Homewood Suites on West End. It’s a nice part of Nashville, and the facilities here are probably 4 star. Robin and I discovered our floor has a laundromat and a pool in addition to the gym.

Speaking of hotel survival, here’s a picture of us hoarding coffee. I mean, how else would you survive if we had to pay for coffee? 🙂

There’s a bit of construction going on at the Nashville VA Medical Center. As you can tell by the signage, time travel in or about the restrooms is currently offline. Let’s hope they have that fixed by the New Year – I had some big plans.

under construction

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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