Day 24


Well, here we go. I was released from inpatient status after the transplant since there were no complications or fever from the procedure. The doc did remark that I smelled like sweet corn. I was expecting garlic, as that’s a common side effect of the preservative they add to the frozen stem cells.

My BP is responding well, it had peaked a few days ago and was starting to bother me. Back to decent territory with medicine.

more numbers

Now I just have to avoid getting any type of infection while my immune system is down. I’m doing my part with lots of hand washing,etc. So far my appetite is still okay, made some garlic mashed potatoes and Jack Daniels pulled pork. (From a package of course). 🙂

Now that the big stuff is behind me, I just need to psyche myself up for this final push. Feel like I pressed the pause button today, a little tired and not looking forward to what’s ahead with the sickness/side effects. I told Selena it felt like I was halfway up a mountain and just needed to rest a bit before tackling the rest. So with the Lord with me, who can stand against me? And so I go.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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