Day 22


Not too much exciting happening today, it was sort of a rest day but still had to drop in the clinic to get my blood tested. Everything came back as expected, so I continue as planned with the stem cells tomorrow morning. I’ll be admitted to the hospital for this, the whole thing only takes a half hour or so, but they need to monitor me for 24 hours.

Got to check out the laundry room today and did two loads. Cost $7.00, eh, not terrible. Makes me appreciate the laundry machine back home.

I’m bringing my laptop tomorrow so I can work while I’m there, and if I’m up to it, continue with the updates. I’m expected to be a little down after this, so Selena might fill in if needed.

Oh, did I mention that Selena, my other sister is doing the caregiving this week? Well, she is.


Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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I’ve consolidated my health updates to friends & family from other sites for convenience.

GoFundMe & MyLifeLine were super-easy to use, but I didn’t want folks to feel compelled to donate while reading the latest news.

If you do feel prompted to help, use this link – they take no cut, so all of your gift goes to pay down expenses.

Better yet, why not hire me to do something great for your organization?

I’m going to add a link to expenses here.

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