Day 20

Well, today was the big day. Pretty much went as advertised, got to see the weekend nursing staff as well as one of my doctors before chemotherapy was administered. Nothing new here, which is a good thing.

ice for days

There are of course several potential nasty side effects from the chemicals, one of which is terrible sores inside the mouth and throat. They mitigate and have had good luck with this by having the patient hold ice in their mouth until melted – 30 minutes prior to, during, and 30 minutes after the procedure. That’s a lot of ice. Boy was my mouth cold! After we were done, I was issued a jug of saline solution to gargle with 5 times a day. Hopefully this keeps me from getting the sores. 🙂

Yesterday, I forgot to mention going to the pharmacy. It typically involves a wait, and sometimes you can have interesting conversations. I’ll withhold the content of yesterday as it was meant for us alone. I can share an observation of a sailor who served in Vietnam. He said he was promised that if he joined the Navy he could see the world. He then lamented his discovery that the world was three-fifths water.

Josh stayed with me during the chemo today, I told him I was going to share this photo as a caregiver recruiting piece. Can’t you see how exciting this job is? 🙂

Josh is tired

My sister Krystal arrived today, about the same time we finished up at the VA. Once we got her settled the rest of the day was dedicated to catching up on some Nintendo Mario Cart. She’ll stay until tomorrow afternoon and be replaced by my other sister Selena.

I’m blessed to have family willing to step in when needed. And for you folks !

Good night, and God Bless. Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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