Day 2


A few more appointments left me slightly radioactive. I guess that let’s them see things better when taking pictures of the heart. Not to worry however, I’ll be back to normal within 24 hours. David Banner usually didn’t take that long. Maybe gamma rays work differently.

My second appointment today was with a VA social worker, she asked the typical background questions, but offered some valuable insight into Multiple Myeloma. It may be that this is a service-connected issue. She convinced Robin and I to fill out some paperwork to see if I might qualify. Service-connected issues typically mean a higher tier of health benefits at the VA.

Earlier this morning while in the waiting room, I overheard some staff mention the name of one of my ham radio friends. I thought it must have been a coincidence, as it’s a pretty common name. But sure enough, turns out he’d left a message for me there. Glad to know I’ve got friends everywhere! (BTW, thanks DW)

My nurse practitioner issued my transplant folder with additional instructions and information about the procedure. I’ll know Thursday instead of tomorrow how all the tests turned out and if we’ll proceed. (pretty sure we’re still on track)

I found out later that they did not schedule anything for tomorrow. I do have some fluid samples to return though, pretty sure they don’t want that to age another 24 hours, lol.

On another note, one of the things that makes me worry a bit is leaving the animals at home. I must say though, our neighbors have really come through. Google is getting plenty of attention, and the chickens are being well tended by our 10 year old helper across the street. Even though our home security system is older technology, it does send notifications via timer and/or motion detection, so I always know when they’re coming over to put the chickens up or let Google outside. Very comforting.

Good news for a few of the fellas here, at least two guys are going home Friday. Praise God. Thank you all for your prayers!

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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