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It’s been a bit since the last update, I’m thinking that’s a good thing. With cool weather approaching, I’m trying to take advantage of what’s left of my mobility to get some things done. Last weekend Robin & I poured a little section of concrete to join the driveway to the sidewalk which allows a wheelchair to access the ramp to the house. While I don’t need a chair now, I’m preparing for that possibility. Besides, it’s easier for me to walk up & down the ramp than climb the stairs anyway. Best to have it accessible now than scramble in the middle of winter.

I’m sharing a few pictures of my chemotherapy stuff. I’m on it for 3 weeks and off for a week. While I take a chemo pill each day, I still have to travel to Milwaukee once a week (many times more often for other appointments) to take the other parts of my chemo. A fistful of pills, wait 30 minutes, then a shot in the belly. They try to make it comfortable though. If it’s not too crowded, you get a seat with a little TV. If it’s near lunchtime you can get a hospital lunch. Kinda like a chemo diner. 🙂

Been having a bit more pain in my ribs & back than usual, so I’m getting another 2-hour MRI next week. One of the things Myeloma does is create way too much marrow. With no place for the marrow to go, it creates fissures in your bones ( I imagine it like sticking a water bottle in the freezer ) – hence the pain. Oncology doc is hoping that my kidneys can process the stuff they inject. I’m hoping the MRI doesn’t pull the screws out of my hip! Ortho docs say it probably won’t be a problem.

Also next week, another bone marrow biopsy. Know how that’s done? I’ll spare you the details, suffice it to say that’s one procedure I wish that I could be knocked out for.

The good news is, my Oncology doc is recommending me for the transplant procedure. Crossing my fingers ‘the board’ concurs. Could be as soon as a month or two if approved.

My gums are getting better, and I’m able to eat stuff like pulled pork, soft bread, etc., so my menu is expanding.

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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