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Sorry, I’ve missed a few weeks. Actually – I have a video post I haven’t put up yet, maybe I’ll do that later and backdate it. Been kinda busy, and not really in the mood.

Tuesday was my last chemotherapy treatment at the VA, for now anyway. Not sure what the future holds right now, as I await information and the testing regime for the clinical trials at Froedert in Milwaukee.

I’m sad to ‘leave’ my friends at the VA because I’ve become attached – after all, these are the folks who’ve been with me for the last three years. I listen to their own stories, struggles during treatments. Sometimes they’re dealing with life just like us, having babies, trying to figure out how to keep their kids supervised when school’s out, having to move to a new neighborhood because of the increase in crime in their own. Taking time off. It’s all very familiar and comforting, on the surface anyway.

I spent a few hours yesterday at Froedert so they could do some lab work and get consent for the trial. Had the unmistakable feeling of trepidation and fear I felt when being carted by ambulance to the VA from Holy Family. I don’t know why. It’s a great facility, the people seem friendly. Even my doc from the VA was there (He also works at Froedert, with my new doc.) I’ll take solace in the fact that I came to know the VA as a place of comfort, a place where I know God is working. Perhaps He works here too. 😉 If nothing else, I thought it was cool that I could see the VA campus from the hallways.

For now, I gear up for the battery of testing I’ll need to pass in order to qualify for the 50% chance I’ll get the good stuff in this trial. Same stuff I had to do for the stem cell transplant. Heart, lungs, etc., etc. Pretty sure I’ll ace that stuff. The only concern I have is making sure it gets paid for correctly, as my new insurance isn’t effective until Jan 1. I’ve been told that the VA will cover it. We shall see.

No big plans for Christmas this year, which is okay by me. Maybe we’ll do it right next year.

I’ve got some tests at Froedert all day Monday. I’ll let you know how that goes next week. ‘Till then, stay safe and enjoy life. And may the Prince of Peace watch over you as he’s done for me so far.

Blessings – and thanks for reading – Ken

Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey

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