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PICC Predicament

So we talked last week about getting a PICC installed and that process went pretty well. I had an appointment in Green Bay to get the PICC line inspected and bandage removed and replaced because these things need to be looked at weekly. Upon inspection, the nurse found that my arm appeared swollen and red …

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A Little PICC Me Up

Thursday, October 3, 2019 Dictated to Google, please forgive the rambling – but an in-depth hand-written update – ain’t nobody got time for that! Well, today didn’t go quite as planned, but then does any day really go as planned? I was scheduled for my typical chemo treatment today in Milwaukee and the folks there …

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Day 51

(traveling all day yesterday, hence the delay) Well, this day didn’t go exactly as planned – my exit appointment was delayed by an hour and then turned into two appointments. No matter, we were released – just later than we’d have liked. Krystal came back to help pack and it was all we could do …

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Day 50

Didn’t do much all day, but got to visit a good friend this evening. Robin packed up a few things, and we’ll pack up the rest tomorrow morning in anticipation of my release. Very tired now, so good night world.


Day 49

Got a good night’s sleep! Robin was kind enough to snap a photo of me in my (now) natural state. Can’t wait until my good looks return. 🙂 Robin and I headed to Murfreesboro so I could go to my favorite church – but this was the one weekend a year that they take off …

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