feeling a little off

Off Week

— Wednesday, Nov. 13 — Didn’t sleep well last night. Feeling a little off. Kinda like in the old old days as a bachelor in the Army and the morning after we’d gone out the night before. Not hurting or sick, but a little sluggish and the equilibrium could use a tune-up. 😉 I made …

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Halloween 2019

— Thursday, Oct 31 — Rolled the dice on another Thursday van ride. (I’ve been told that few people ride on this Thursday route). Fewer riders = better chance of getting out of there early. Not today. Two other riders and two hospital discharges. (They don’t ride in with us, but ride back if discharged …

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Keep’r Movin’

Well, I came to treatment on Thursday all masked up – thought I’d take one of the iconic bathroom selfies.  Only this is the VA bathroom, probably cleaner than mine, lol! Labs came back and yay – not neutropenic anymore, numbers back over 1000 (normal being 1500+ so I don’t have to mask up everywhere …

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cancer can't

PICC Predicament

So we talked last week about getting a PICC installed and that process went pretty well. I had an appointment in Green Bay to get the PICC line inspected and bandage removed and replaced because these things need to be looked at weekly. Upon inspection, the nurse found that my arm appeared swollen and red …

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ken masked up

A Little PICC Me Up

Thursday, October 3, 2019 Dictated to Google, please forgive the rambling – but an in-depth hand-written update – ain’t nobody got time for that! Well, today didn’t go quite as planned, but then does any day really go as planned? I was scheduled for my typical chemo treatment today in Milwaukee and the folks there …

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