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Off the Grid: Surviving Without a Smart Phone

I can’t help but grin (just a little) when I see Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs hold a press conference to …


Here’s A Quick Way To Back Up Your Website In Less Than 10 Minutes

If you weren’t paying attention, you may have missed it. Did I say “Back Up Your Website?” Yep. Bet you …

Good Stuff

Replay Telecorder for Skype – a Must-Have SKYPE extension

For the past three years, I’ve recommended using SKYPE, a voice over Internet protocol service as an alternative to Ma …

Online Marketing

Podcamp 2010

I made my annual pilgrimage to “PodCamp Nashville” this past Saturday. This is one of two big “New Media” events …

Good Stuff

You Are Awesome

My friend Jim Kukral sent me this great short movie today called Validation. Have a watch below, it’s worth it. …


Update – Chrome OS

I last wrote about the Chrome OS in July, and as Google recently released the project to the open source …


Strapped For Cash? Dump the Boob Tube for YouTube!

Are you considering dumping your current cable or satellite television service to save money? You are not alone. With today’s …


How To Take Advantage of Real-Time Search

“Real-time searches”?  A few weeks ago, we explained the concept, but it bears repeating.   A real-time search engine will help …

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