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That Invoice is a MAN, baby!

Those with an affinity for Austin Powers movies will get the title reference, I hope.  🙂 So in today’s mail …

google adwords mailer

Google AdWords Mailer – $150 Coupon

Here are my thoughts on Google Adwords – it makes sense for some people, but not for everyone.

stop the calls
Ask Ken

How to Stop the Google Phone Calls

Why is Google calling my business non-stop?  Who’s REALLY behind the calls?  HOW CAN I MAKE THIS STOP?????? I get …

billion dollar bully
Online Marketing

Billion Dollar Bully?

Yelp is getting some more negative attention, this time from Prost Productions and Director/Producer Kaylie Milliken. Her Kickstarter campaign describes Billion …

Online Marketing

Will your website disappear on April 21, 2015?

Chances are, it’ll probably still be there.  But according to Google, if it doesn’t display properly on mobile devices – …


How NOT to Market Your Business

OWN your marketing – or suffer when they pull the plug.  (I’m only posting this because lately I’ve had a …


Surprising Pixlr #FAIL

As many of my clients know, I’ve recommended Pixlr as a great online image editor.  It’s free – and a …


Google update

I rarely post on SEO stuff (because it changes almost daily) but this is kind of an important update for …

Reputation Marketing

More Complaints About Yelp Advertising Practices

http://6abc.com/archive/9528445/ This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Yelp allegedly targeting small businesses – sadly, it’s not likely to be …

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