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business relationships
Business Advice

Three Tips to Building Successful Business Relationships

If you’re the CEO of your business, you already encounter numerous relationships on a daily basis: with your business...
business investments
Business Advice

3 Smart Business Investments You’re Probably Not Making

I get it. You’re a solo-preneur. You’re proud of the fact that you’ve bootstrapped your business from the ground...
stay in your lane
Business Advice

Stay in Your Own Lane

Overwhelm is a real thing in online businesses. There is always more that could be done. More products to...
Business Advice

Three Tips for Building Relationships Offline

With all the different social media platforms available today, it’s easy to focus your marketing time here because it’s...
how many hats?
Business Advice

How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

It’s inevitable. As a small business owner, you will wear many, many hats. Marketing manager. Bookkeeper. Content developer. Coach....
Business Advice

3 Money Mistakes that Keep Your Business Broke

Poor money management has been the cause of more business failures than any other single issue. And it’s no...
best social media marketing tool
Ask Ken

What’s the best social media marketing tool?

So what is the best social media marketing tool? My answer might surprise you.
search query reveals intent
Online Marketing

Search queries indicate buying intent?

With 30 odd years doing this kind of online thinking, I find it perplexing that relatively large marketing and...
Google Instant

Google abandons “Instant” search feature

Need help with your online marketing?  Contact Ken and we’ll get you going.
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