Ken Ivey

December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas everybody! Well, almost Christmas anyway. I thought I’d throw out a quick update before this thing goes up out in the newsletter tomorrow. Tuesday I got my cataract surgery done on the right guy, and everything went well. It was a little irritating at first but the next day the irritation quickly subsided. …

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Dec 8, 2021

Dec 8, 2021

Hi folks, I’ve had a few folks asking for an update, so here it is.  🙂 Since my discharge from the hospital, I’ve been growing ever so slightly stronger every day.  Hemoglobin doesn’t seem to be recovering though, in fact I’ve come down a few notches.  Might have to eat more spinach. I’ve been doing …

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Mid Nov’ish

Well, I promised Selena an update for you, so here goes. On last report, I think I was needing some additional O2 to relieve the “fluid overload” (as described by the cardio team).  First, fluid was prescribed to relieve the calcium excess – and then the chemo also included massive amounts of fluid – (I …

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