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A bit of a Cluster.

I speak about an Amateur Radio website that can be used to locate mobile stations like mine. The web address is (I’ve pre-loaded my callsign with the correct suffix. It should read: KD9AQM-7. The ‘7’ indicates my mobile radio as opposed to my home station. 😉 Oh, and today was my birthday. Meh, whatever.

Froedert waiting


Sorry, I’ve missed a few weeks. Actually – I have a video post I haven’t put up yet, maybe I’ll do that later and backdate it. Been kinda busy, and not really in the mood. Tuesday was my last chemotherapy treatment at the VA, for now anyway. Not sure what the future holds right now, …

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I believe plates

A New Direction?

Well, I’ve had my visit with Dr. Dhakal, and he’s thinking I’m still a good candidate for the clinical trial, so he’s got me on the list and I’ll be up for consideration in January. I’ll have to purchase insurance to cover the costs. If accepted, I’ll either get the T-cell modification or another chemotherapy …

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My white counts recovered nicely is what they tell me, so I was able to get chemo this week. I must confess though, it felt like this treatment really kicked my butt (more than usual). I was really super-tired and out of energy by the time I got home. My sweetie picked up some fish …

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