Off the Grid: Surviving Without a Smart Phone

I can’t help but grin (just a little) when I see Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs hold a press conference to defend the ‘magical’ iPhone 4, which has been plagued by reception issues when gripped a certain way. This, on top of the naturally minimal coverage of ATT’s 3G network have only added to my aversion to the iPhone.

frustrated by smart phoneDon’t get me wrong, I like Apple – kinda. Last December, I invested in a MacBook Pro – which I’m still trying to learn how to use. It’s not as easy to ‘Switch to Mac’ as they’d have you believe. Still lovin’ my iPod, though.

The iPhone glitch (and before it, the Palm Pre glitch) have proven to validate a relatively new mantra of mine, which I adopted earlier this year and continue to implement. I’ve declared 2010 the year of “Simplify”. Yep, that’s it. I’m trying to incorporate “Simplify” into everything I do, with varying levels of success (so far).

As it applies to mobile phones, I’ve committed Geek Heresy, getting rid of my Smart Phone and embracing my Dumb Phone. Continue reading Off the Grid: Surviving Without a Smart Phone

Here’s A Quick Way To Back Up Your Website In Less Than 10 Minutes

If you weren’t paying attention, you may have missed it. Did I say “Back Up Your Website?” Yep. Bet you really never think about that, do you? I mean, the hosting guys do that automatically, don’t they?

Well….. they say they do. But let’s think for a moment. If you’re hosting your website with one of these “el-cheapo” outfits that promises you the moon for only four dollars a month and whose support center is located somewhere between Calcutta and Tibet – how much time do you think they’ll invest in server backups or data recovery? Continue reading Here’s A Quick Way To Back Up Your Website In Less Than 10 Minutes

Update – Chrome OS

Google-Chrome-OSI last wrote about the Chrome OS in July, and as Google recently released the project to the open source community, felt it warranted an update.

Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks.

Netbooks have been the best-selling segment of the PC market during the recession — because they’re cheaper.  Contrary to perceptions that everyone is buying them because they’re highly mobile, a recent consumer survey found that 60% of buyers never took them out of the house. Continue reading Update – Chrome OS

Strapped For Cash? Dump the Boob Tube for YouTube!

Are you considering dumping your current cable or satellite television service to save money? You are not alone. With today’s economy and the busy lives of everyday people, watching television online has become an increasingly popular option.

tvYou don’t have to be internet or computer savvy to utilize this alternate way of enjoying your favorite television shows right from your home computer or laptop. The sites and software are plentiful and the benefits are many. Naturally there are also drawbacks, but first let’s focus on why this new age way of television watching is stealing customers of cable and satellite across the globe.

Benefits of Watching TV Online
Why would anyone want to watch television on a computer screen instead of on their TV? Here are a few reasons: Continue reading Strapped For Cash? Dump the Boob Tube for YouTube!